27 Sep 2004

Swedish Technology Foresight

Choosing Strategies for Sweden

A synthesis report from the Swedish Technology Foresight project, 2004

Inspiration for Innovation

Swedish Prosperity and Technology at the Crossroads, June 22, 2004, Brussels
The latest results from the recently completed Swedish Technology Foresight Programme were presented at this seminar. The new format of the second Swedish Technology Foresight Programme discussed.

A synthesis report, 2000
The Steering Committee of the Swedish Technology Foresight project:
"In our work with future-oriented issues, the process itself and the dedication of the participants have been at least as important as the written reports. These reports will now serve as valuable background material for all those who have
a responsibility and an interest in future-oriented issues in their daily work."

Presentation at "Our Future in the Making" Stockholm, November 25, 2002 By Göran Pagels-Fick, Chairman of the Foresight Methodology Group of the Swedish Technology Foresight Programme

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