1 Jan 2006

one thing remains the same - education and knowledge is the only route to prosperity

Education and regeneration 18 November 2005

Education is the spark that can light a love of learning, and we know what learning means - horizons broadened, imaginations are fired, confidence and ambition take root. Success only comes through hard work, but how much easier it is to work hard if you can feel the strength of your own inner potential. That is what a good teacher and a thriving school does, they give a child that most precious asset in life - self-belief.
education is the liberator, it is the gateway, it is the only thing that can transform their lives
And when we change and make changes that are necessary to provide opportunities, because the world around us is changing so fast, we don't betray the principles in which we believe, we fulfil them.
This country will succeed or fail on the basis of how it changes itself and gears up to this new economy, based on knowledge.
Education therefore is now the centre of economic policy making for the future. What I am saying is, we know what works within our education system, we can learn the lessons of it. The key is now to apply those lessons, push them right throughout the education system, until the young children, whether they are growing up here in the constituency of Sedgefield, or in the inner city urban estates of London, or Liverpool, or Manchester, or Newcastle, wherever they are, they get the chance to make the most of their God given potential. It is the only vision, in my view, that will work in the 21st century.

18 November 2005
Tony Blair gave a speech on education in his constituency of Sedgefield.

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