29 Sep 2004

Goodnip - Good Practices in Nordic Innovation Policies

The main objective of Good Practices in Nordic Innovation Policies has been to develop a survey and an analysis of Nordic innovation policy instruments that directly or indirectly are targeting small and medium sized enterprises.

"Innovation policies in the Nordic countries are all strongly influenced by the so-called systemic approach to innovation. According to this view technological advance and competence building is characterized by constant interplay and mutual learning between different types of knowledge and actors, including firms, institutes, universities, sources of financing, relevant public agencies and more. This view of technological change and competence development also forms the basis of the GoodNIP reports".

Report 1: Summary and policy recommendations contains a summary of the GoodNIP exercise, presentations of modern innovation theory and innovation policy developments in the Nordic countries, as well as various policy recommendations.

Report 2: Innovation policy trends and rationalities gives a thorough presentation a comparison of contemporary innovation policies and policy instruments in the Nordic countries, historically and contemporary.

A separate chapter discusses how policy development actually takes place in ministries and agencies, and introduces the concept of rationalities - i.e. common mental maps or frameworks of understanding that underpins policy development. This chapter also examine policy learning practices in the Nordic countries and gives some concrete advice on how to improve such learning processes.

Report 3: Innovation policy measures, documents and government structures
• Presentations of the innovation policy governance structures of the Nordic countries
• Summaries of relevant policy documents
• “Datasheets” presenting selected innovation policy measures
• An extended list of policy measures that goes beyond the ones included in the datasheet section

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