20 Aug 2011

KM 2011

Open Library - The Knowledge Garden
Journal of Knowledge Management Practice : Vol. 12, No. 2, June 2011 see

Includes: "How To Build A Great Knowledge Management Portal" by Arun Hariharan (India).
"Also remember, your customers do not have time for KM or the portal for its own sake. They will use it only if they find it helpful in their own jobs. What may seem to be technical sophistication to you may not impress them if they need to wade through a maze of screens and clicks to share a piece of knowledge or to find what they are looking for. You need to keep your portal easy to use (always remember your users have very little time for this and do not have to use it unless they want to). The user interface must be clean, friendly and uncluttered. Knowledge sharing must be as simple as writing an email with an attachment. Finding knowledge or searching must be easy and fast. Do not try to impress your users with sophisticated (cluttered) screens. But build the required technical sophistication at the back-end so that a search by a user is fast and gives relevant results that meet their requirement."

see also CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS FOR KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT, by Arun Hariharan. From Knowledge Management Review, May/June 2005.
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