10 Mar 2014

Modelling for Global Systems Science

"Models in GSS are used as a map of the world, or a specific piece of it, and can be used to address complex problems faced by society and policy makers. More conventional methods, economics for example, also use models but these models tend to be more specifically focussed on one specific area and exclude much relevant information. This can lead to unintended consequences, and when a policy relies on such a model it may actually end up causing more harm then good. GSS seeks to avoid this by using models that are more comprehensive and look at more external factors that may influence a system. Essentially, this means that GSS is using a larger map that not only looks at the path ahead, but also which paths are dead ends or might get you lost." more

Source: Global System Dynamics and Policy. Best Practice Guidelines Towards a Science of Global Systems.
Collated and written by
Steven Bishop
Peter Baudains
Jason Greenlaw
Giles Foden
Julian Hunt
Jeff Johnson

Global System Dynamics and Policy (GSDP) project website: www.gsdp.eu