26 Sep 2005

SCOPE 2015

"SCOPE 2015 is a European Commission funded initiative aimed at producing scenarios for research and technology development cooperation with Europe"
Main activities

From CIS Scenario 2
"Political and administrative reform agendas, where they exist, remain largely on paper with little implementation success. Consequently, the region is still marked by poor governance, characterised by high levels of political and bureaucratic corruption and clientelism, and disregard for the rule of law. Whilst such conditions persist, foreign investors stay away and the majority of the population remain in poverty. Little progress can be made in promoting national sustainable development as government and the rule of law serve only the self-interests of those in positions of power.

RTD is not viewed as a national priority for development but rather as a hangover from the past and of little relevance to today – it is an expense that can no longer be afforded. Governments show little interest in seriously pursuing innovation strategies, preferring instead to focus economic development measures upon maximising the returns from resource extraction, a cheap labour force, and deregulated business environments. National firms avoid any form of technology except that embodied in imported equipment, thereby providing little demand for the products of indigenous RTD activities. Foreign firms quickly exhaust the supply of those national scientific resources of use to industry, since these are not being renewed."
CIS Scenario 1 ; 3

RTD in : Latin America ; Maghreb and Mashreq ; Sub-Saharan Africa

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