16 Aug 2006


Dealing with Language Challenge

Pragmatics LINGUISTICS the study of how particular words in a language are chosen and used

(Macmillan English Dictionary Online)

Tarja Nikula
Research Fellow of the Academy of Finland

Roles, Functions and Uses of English in EFL and Content-based Classrooms
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In recent years, perspectives on language learning have been changing as researchers have started to place more emphasis on socio-cultural and constructivist aspects of language learning and language use (e.g. Ochs 1993, Donato & McCormick 1994, Wells 1999, Lantolf 2000, Zuengler et al. 2001).

Proponents of this more social view, in the words of Zuengler et al. (2001:1) "have conceived of language as a dynamic and socially grounded practice" rather than as an autonomous system that is made up of abstract representations at the levels of phonology, morphology, syntax and lexis.

The focus has thus shifted from individual learners and what they need to do and know to communicate to a more social view of communication as a joint process. As Young (2001:3) puts it, "current research has advanced the position that abilities, actions, and activities do not belong to the individual but are jointly constructed by all participants".

English voices in Finnish society: The use of English in media, education and professional settings
Department of Languages, University of Jyväskylä

7 Aug 2006

foresight, FP7

Frictions and Lubricants in Shaping Ways to European Future - Foresight as a Permanent Policy Tool
Werner Wobbe, European Commission, DG Research - Directorate K, Unit "Science and Technology Foresight"; links with the IPTS


"The Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic in cooperation with Technology Centre AS CR organized a conference "Ways to European Future - A Dialogue between Policy Makers and Foresight Practitioners" on 11-12 May 2006 in Prague, Czech Republic. The conference was organized within the ForSociety ERA-NET which is focused on coordinating national foresight exercises. The project website: http://www.eranet-forsociety.net/.

Presentations presented at the conference are now available to download."
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KM, learning and research in Latvia

Dace Apshvalka

The Riga Technical university, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Institute of Applied Computer Systems, Department of System Theory and Design

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