27 Jun 2005

Knowledge management systems

Rx for Learning - TUFTS UNIVERSITY CIO Magazine Feb. 1, 2001

Down from the Ivory Tower

"When the site made its debut in September 1997, students raved to their instructors about having around-the-clock access to course material on the Web. "The great thing was being able to look at the slides at home," says Bullitt, who lives 20 miles from the downtown Boston campus. Using the website as a personal knowledge management system, she organized her course materials into her own folders and made frequent electronic notes. "It's like having an annotated textbook that I could use anywhere, anytime," she says."

"Tufts' Health Sciences Database sets the standard for medical school knowledge management systems. Medical, veterinary and dental students use the website to study. Among its benefits, the system helps students master course material, keeps the curriculum up-to-date and increases organizational efficiency."


Knowledge Management Explorer Case Studies in Knowledge Management - articles, corporate web sites provide insights into the use of KM in industry. (THE KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT RESOURCE CENTER)


KM and High Performance KnowledgeBoard

26 Jun 2005

ForSociety ERA - Net project

ForSociety : Project Summary

Description of Work
"Foresight is being widely used all over Europe at national level to shape the future of research. The primary objective of the ForSociety ERA-Net is to improve the national programmes of the partners, enhance their European content and achieve a structuring effect on the ERA. These objectives will be delivered in a three-year period, through three sets of coordination activities organized in three work packages:

WP1: Systematic exchange of information and good practice between the participant's programmes in order to provide mutual learning opportunities, and to expand the ERA-Net activities beyond the partners.

WP2: Strategic activities in order to provide background analyses and studies on the programmes, and to prepare them for joint activities.

WP3: Development and implementation of joint activities in order to establish the foundations for a sustainable coordination between the programmes."

WP4: ERA-Net Management.

The COS together with the ERA Net Forsociety and the DG Research of the European Commission organized a conference "Present Needs Future Options” December 2-3 2004, The Hague

25 Jun 2005

in a Knowledge society


Citizens and Governance
in a knowledge based-society

Work Programme 2002 -2003

This Work Programme - the basic text for ensuring communication between the European Commission and the research community in relation to the implementation of the Sixth Framework Program - Priority 7 "Citizens and governance in the knowledge based society".

Research Area 1 Improving the generation, distribution and use of knowledge and its impact on economic and social development

Research Area 2: Options and choices for the development of a knowledge-based society

Research Area 3: The variety of paths towards a knowledge society
Citizenship, democracy and new forms of governance

Research Area 4: The implications of European integration and enlargement for governance and the citizen

Research Area 5: Articulation of areas of responsibility and new forms of governance

Research Area 6: Issues connected with the resolution of conflicts and restoration of peace and justice

Research Area 7: New forms of citizenship and cultural identities


Citizens and governance in a knowledge based-society
Homepage, CORDIS FP6


"Priority 7" - 1st call for Proposals – List of funded projects

Synopses of projects funded as a result of the First Call DRAFT
a link

Project Fact Sheet

Foresight and Society ERA-Net
Laying the Foundations for an ERA-Net on Foresight and Society

Biotechnology foresight


8 Jun 2005

How to teach: Knowledge and Knowledge Management

There are many things that you can do to encourage
knowledge workers to change the way they work and to
use KM systems, but by far the simplest and most obvious
is to involve them in the project from the very beginning.
Knowledge workers need to participate in the design and
development of such systems. They need to have ownership.
It only makes sense!

David Gurteen

Download Center, The Gurteen Knowledge Website
The Global Knowledge Review - May 2005
The Journal for Learning, Creativity, Innovation, KM and Personal Development.


Making Knowledge Work Conference Materials, May 2005

KnowledgeBoard The Global Knowledge Event: Gurteen and Bizmedia's two day conference: Making Knowledge Work, 17 - 18 May 2005