9 Feb 2006

Foresight conference, Bled Forum on Europe

Foresight Conference on Global, European and Regional Governance 3–4 March 2006, Bled/Slovenia

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With this conference the organisers want to contribute to the further advancement of foresight research in Europe and especially also to the
development of scientific capacities for foresight research (technological and socioeconomic foresight) in so called Western Balkan countries (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia, and Albania).

Main topics of the conference will be:
– Global challenges (AC UNU Millennium Project) and the role of Foresight for global governance
– European challenges (Lisbon process and beyond) and the role of Foresight for European policy making
– Governance challenges for Southeast European or Western Balkan countries and the role of Foresight for policy making in and towards this region.

The conference also aims at providing a basic overview on who is doing what in foresight research in SEE countries. In addition, researchers from SEE countries active in foresight research shall get an opportunity to find out about »state of the art« in foresight research, about global, and Europe-wide programmes and networks on foresight research in order to facilitate the integration of SEE foresight researchers in existing networks and programmes.

Furthermore the conference aims at giving an impetus to regional foresight studies focusing on SEE region (comparable to the IPTS Enlargement Futures-Project).

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