18 Dec 2005


JRC-IPTS European Commission

About the FOR-LEARN Online Foresight Guide
"This online guide aims to be of use both to practitioners who are designing and running Foresight activities and other stakeholders interested in the results of a Foresight exercise.

It intends to provide:

Information about Foresight
Practical guidance and advice on how to carry out an exercise
Examples illustrating the information with experience from previous exercises"

Diffusion and dissemination of preliminary and final results of the foresight exercises

17 Dec 2005

"European Co-operation in Foresight" 27-28 October 2005, Brussels

CORDIS, Science and Technology Foresight

The 7th workshop on "European Co-operation in Foresight" took place on 27-28 October 2005 in Brussels.
See the agenda and the presentations a link

Overview of all ongoing Foresight Platform projects. W.Wobbe, DG RTD K2, EC. link

"The future of R&D in services: implications for EU research and innovation policy" I. Miles, PREST. link

"The future of research and innovation policies in an enlarged EU: key issues 2015" T. Suarez, SOCINTEC. link