10 Dec 2014

The Project on Forward Engagement



"Foresight is the disciplined analysis of alternative futures. It is not prediction, it is not
vision, and it is not intelligence; it is a distinct process of monitoring prospective
oncoming events, analyzing potential implications, simulating alternative courses of
action, asking unasked questions, and issuing timely warning to avert a risk or seize an
opportunity. As a disciplined process, organized foresight offers a means to simulate
actions that would otherwise have to be tested against reality, where the consequences of
error are irrevocable. A foresight-generating and horizon-scanning system can help
government detect trends and weak signals, visualize alternative futures, and foster better
outcomes." (p.7)

30 Nov 2014

FTA 2014 ( JRC, EC )

5th International Conference on Future-Oriented Technology Analysis, 
Brussels, 27-28 November 2014, link

10 Mar 2014

Modelling for Global Systems Science

"Models in GSS are used as a map of the world, or a specific piece of it, and can be used to address complex problems faced by society and policy makers. More conventional methods, economics for example, also use models but these models tend to be more specifically focussed on one specific area and exclude much relevant information. This can lead to unintended consequences, and when a policy relies on such a model it may actually end up causing more harm then good. GSS seeks to avoid this by using models that are more comprehensive and look at more external factors that may influence a system. Essentially, this means that GSS is using a larger map that not only looks at the path ahead, but also which paths are dead ends or might get you lost." more

Source: Global System Dynamics and Policy. Best Practice Guidelines Towards a Science of Global Systems.
Collated and written by
Steven Bishop
Peter Baudains
Jason Greenlaw
Giles Foden
Julian Hunt
Jeff Johnson

Global System Dynamics and Policy (GSDP) project website: www.gsdp.eu

31 Dec 2013

Cik lielā mērā ES, tās dalībvalstis, organizācijas, uzņēmumi, mācību iestādes, cilvēki un kopienas mainīsies, lai būtu inovatīvas, sadarbotos un radītu, īstenotu inovācijas sev, Eiropai, pasaulei?
Ir paziņots par ES kā Inovāciju savienības mērķiem, iespējām:
Sākas 2014.-2020.g. ES programma Horizonts:

11 Nov 2013

ne tikai CV

Pastāv viedoklis, ka pēc rakstura iezīmēm cilvēku tipi var būt: militāristi, ierēdņi, biznesmeņi, mākslinieki. To ir vērts zināt, ņemt vērā, domājot par savu un citu izglītību, profesiju, izvēlēm un, protams, personības attīstīšanu, veiksmi un laimi darbā un ģimenē. Mēs varam un maināmies, bet daudz kas paliek...

30 Jun 2013

5 Jun 2013

The world of Social Innovation Exchange

The Social Innovation eXchange (SIX)  - a global community 

of individuals and organisations committed to 

promoting social innovation and growing the capacity of the 


SIX about methods and tools:

29 Apr 2013

About social innovation: EC

the Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion
Social innovation means developing new ideas, services and models to better address social issues. It invites input from public and private actors, including civil society, to improve social services. see more 
Social innovation is part of the social investment package 

See PROGRESS programme: Archive

20 Mar 2013

Foresight Academy

International Foresight Academy (IFA) aims to bring together foresight activities, experiences and initiatives from contrasting cultural and political contexts around the globe. see more, and about a seminar in Zurich, Switzerland (September 16-19, 2013) 

about IFA project, CORDIS

27 Feb 2013

Nākotnes un forsaits - Latvijas attīstība bez šīm jomām?

Latvijas attīstība mūsdienu izpratnē nav iespējama, ja netiek atzītas NĀKOTNES un FORSAITS par zināsanu iegūšanas un prasmīgas pielietošanas jomām.

biedrība "Latvijas attīstībai"