22 Jul 2014

The development of the discipline of Anticipation

The UNESCO chair in Anticipatory Systems deals with three clusters of research projects: “The Discipline of Anticipation”, "Projects", and “Field Applications”. 

A few topics characterizing the Discipline of Anticipation: Understanding and classifying anticipation, including biological, psychological and social types of anticipation; The theory of anticipatory systems; Complexity (from the point of view of anticipation); Futures Literacy; Reframing, or the structure of imagination; Anticipatory Capability Profile; Resilience Profile; Anticipatory methods, including the development of suitable protocols; Anticipation and values - Ethical aspects of anticipation; Philosophical aspects of the theory of anticipation.

"The main purpose of the UNESCO Chair in Anticipatory Systems is to centralize the study of anticipation and to define the Discipline of Anticipation as a cohesive body of knowledge."   see Project Anticipation