2 Jan 2005

Blog and Personal Knowledge Management

1. A blog like a book (knowledge + knower) is a unique set of issues and expression of personal knowledge management (PKM).

It was vividly portrayed, Johnnie Moore's (30.12.2004) „I would say for myself that there's blogs and then there's what happens in the spaces between the blogs. The stuff that happens in the spaces - not the comments or the pings, but the thinking and sense of connection of ideas - doesn't show on the blog, but it's there.”

An individual creates and converts information and knowledge for his own as human being.

2. Blogs are great to think out loud and thus to trigger new conversations and relationships (Ton Zijlstra). We ask ourselves: what is in-between spaces, how to learn to understand man and ourselves in systems and on what kind of values a subject is founded ? Blogs could also be great to manage to think not loud, not loud enough to be heard by many.

3. The Entrepreneurial Foresight Network evolves around mental places enabling thinking and activities aiming the shared Meta context - Entrepreneurial Foresight Basics (EFB). See    also.

What about the role of ideas, questions, concepts, beliefs, also behavior and attitude what could be converted into new knowledge using a content of blogs, klogs, quotations (with reference to context and framework) from known authors ? Entrepreneurial Foresight Network assimilates messages of knowledge and presents them when we find new trends in KM issues to build strategic capabilities - EFB. Therefore, we can think quietly, also conversate quietly – to understand weblogs more and more as a comprehensive form of communication.

4. Useful quotes for KM workers, on KnowledgeBoard.

In 2005, perhaps KnowledgeBoard can be thought of as a ‘superblog’ at European and global level?

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