31 Oct 2008

What is WAY-IN of BLOG POSTS for us?

We are interested to share/market/trade our ideas and knowledge. Social media websites and tools are agreeable instruments to support our personal, business, community’s and other objectives (see: A framework for Social Media Marketing). Blogs & blogging way is between most accepted and easiest means to make it big. However, let’s imagine how often you/me/we seriously consider options of selecting successful, short ways of blogging to drive toward the intended goals?

Considering from both the writer and reader viewpoint, we can perceive a blog post as an issue created for and made available to other people. The blog post has the quality (or the interest) that makes us to notice both this post and author’s blog and want to read and think on its content.

Below is a short list (6 categories) of the qualities of blog posts that might be identified by an individual / team who read, interact, for instance, with Social Media Today (SMT) and other SM.

I would like to call the quality as a ‘way of the interest’ or way-in of a blog post.

An interested party can choose by its own preference and understanding how much and what qualities are to be selected to form a way-in list.

I have found ways-in of blog posts that also occupy my interest:

A description of an unfavourable situation

An expression of doubts about something

A marketing oriented explanation

A success story

A call to act for change

A positive idea worth pursuing further

For the given case, our task may be to identify the main (2-3) ways-in of a blog post during and after writing/reading it. My thoughts and reflections that found and marked main ways-in of SMT seven blog posts (articles) are illustrated in this table (pdf file)

Using this list, the identification of ways-in and marking those (with * in written) could be a value, like commenting and rating a blog post by knowledge production.

To work with way-in lists related to corporate/individual blogging on SMT and other sites may be inspiring and exciting, adding value exercises. One can also use the blog post comments and feedbacks together with reflections on ways-in for new approaches and evaluations. But don’t talk about all this now. Through way-in we may obtain a quite simple and, you may check, constructive (inter-mental & intra-mental) approach. Enjoy easy reading and rethinking on shared ways-in! That might be adaptable to many needs.

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